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Stalwart Oil is an international Oil & Gas exploration and production company with corporate offices in the US and Africa with operations in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Angola, and Nigeria.
Offshore Platforms

As part of our onshore exploration in Africa, Stalwart Oil is focus on working with it partners in the development of some lucrative oil and gas acreage in Sub-Sahara region.
Onshore exploration

Our midstream operations include providing transportations services in the delivery chain of the oil and gas sector. We also work with our partners to provide bulk oil storage and sale of crude through systemic and affordable procedures for delivery of crude and the refining of it into finish product for distribution to consumers.

Our Downstream partner company Stalwart Western Refinery has developed a comprehensive plan to build a modern Petrochemical Complex in Sanzule in the Western Region of Ghana to provide refining capacity to the booming exploration and production industry within the region.

With Nigeria as one of Africa’s leading producer in oil and natural gas, we at SOIL, with our experience in the trading sector and a dynamic trading infrastructure and diverse market presence are able to provide products to our clients via exports.
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trading platform

Over the years, there has been a quantum leap in the number of filling stations scattered all over the country. The retail outlets are very important to us as they enable us bring petroleum products closer to the people at affordable prices .
retail outlets

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With Innovations

Connecting all the oil and gas industries and making a bridge among all in this revolutionary era of industrialisation and development with our years of experience
Innovation, Service, Certification, Production, Development are the most exclusive words nowadays and combining all of them with the years of experience of serving and building, we SOIL stands. Our one and only goal is to support the world economy by providing the best of services to you because we believe “The World Is You”.

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Stalwart Oil recognises that safety and health of personnel and communities we operate in are core determinants in ensuring the success of any operation especially in the oil & gas sector. Safety and environmental issues are given priority attention in the conduct of our business. We stop at nothing to achieve zero accident and equipment failure or damage in all our operations; as such safety and environmental education is part of our staff orientation programme and this is a continual process.

Growth Strategy

Our company name Stalwart represents dependable partner. With this vision of building a formable partnerships with governments in development of the massive oil and gas industry within South Saharan, we have conducted research into various countries within Africa and identified their reserve capacity in Oil and Gas. With this information, we are determined as a company to help them maximize these innate resources to the benefit of their people and the continent of Africa .

Our Evolution

Our proven capabilities since our inception have brought us lucrative acreage in several reserve rich countries within South Saharan Africa and partnership with NNPC to market and sell BLCO. We currently are positioned to initiate development on two onshore blocks and two offshore blocks that have major reserve potential. At our growth pace, we are confident that we will reach our goal of securing several reserve acreages within our first 15 years of operations as a company in a highly competitive sector


We are committed as a company to invest in educating local citizens of the various countries we operate in so that the future of our company will become dependent on the use of local expertise. As part of our CSR, we have set up a Technical Training Institute which provides a wide range of Technical skills and vocational training in Oil & Gas, Equipment Handling, Equipment Repairs & Maintenance, and Supply Chain Managements & Logistical Support Training to the indigenous Ghanaians.
We are Stalwart

About SOIL

SOIL is an acronym for Stalwart Oil Industrials Limited which is a subsidiary of Global Warehouse Investments Limited, a Limited Liability Company duly incorporated under the laws of Ghana on January 25th, 2011 when we received our business license No. CA, 84 - 015 from the Registrar General Department, Ghana.

Our reputation and remarkable experience are responsible for the rapid burgeoning outlet of the company, offering speed and attention to detailed needs of our client, which are the essential ingredients of our successful projects, in oil and gas industries.

SOIL is more focus on upstream, midstream and  downstream oil and gas industries and the maritime industry, but with uncompromising cohesive expertise is poised to be the major and leading player in developments of the hydrocarbon Oil and Gas industry in Africa. With the excellent management team onboard, our services are swift, easy and professional. The management team has a clear understanding of the facts, dos and don’ts of the industry; this supposes our solution is unbeatable.

  • Leading industrial solutions with best practices
  • Years of experience and Learning
  • Experienced specialist researchers.
  • Reputed for maintaining Schedule
  • Committed for the safety of the customers

Engr. Okey Thompson Onyeme

We are Stalwart

For Industries

Stalwart provide the best of services and is the bridge among all the industrial services and hydrocarbon industries.

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We always bring good quality services with 100% safety measuresF
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Recent Projects

We provide the most secured and innovative solution for procurement of oil and gas resources from Africa. SOIL

We are Stalwart

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At SOIL, we pride ourselves with our historical growth as a company and our determination to build an Oil and Gas company within the continent of Africa that has the desires of the indigenous people within the countries we operate within at heart. We are the company that focuses on the interest of the people within the countries whose natural resources we explore and develop. We build to serve the communities we benefit financially from during a successful development lifecycle.

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