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SOIL Green Cleanup

We are developing partnerships with Environmentally conscious cleaning companies to develop cleanup solutions for areas of contamination or oil spills across Africa. The importance of these initiatives for SOIL is the value that we are determined to bring back to the communities we work in. We are excited about our green initiative and have already made progressive steps towards establishing the right partnerships for the growth of this sector for our company.

SOIL Land Reclamation

Our land reclamation focus is designed to assist onshore exploration and drilling companies to establish successful strategies for cleaning up areas of old drilling activities that has led to surrounding area contamination. We are working to bring partnership for such cleanup initiatives. Major focus is to introduce reclamation companies to areas of exploration and partnering with them to execute restoration solutions for such areas.

SOIL Oceanic Focus

The importance of Oceanic life has brought us the need to establish our aquatic information center within the core of our operations plan. We are determined as a company to develop innovative solutions that places aquatic life displacement during oil spills in safety. We are working daily to introduce mitigating solutions that will protect our oceans. We believe that with the oceans protected, we can still explore the valuable resources beneath its bed and allow the life forms that live there to also flourish.

Our Methodology

When our company focuses on an asset, we review the proposals presented by the stakeholders in the asset and make an informed decision on the exact value the asset will bring to our portfolio of reserves. We also take an informative decision on the benefits that the asset will bring to our shareholders and the com-munities where the asset is located within. After a thorough analysis of the environmental impact that the asset may have within the country that it is located in, we develop an informative investment dossier for the asset.
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Renewable Energy Production

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