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The Region of South Sahara

South-Saharan Africa is the geographic area of the African continent that lies south of the Sahara Desert. It consists of all African countries that are fully or partially located south of the Sahara.
The Offshore focus of Stalwart Oil in Ghana and Namibia has sparked many exciting partnerships that are currently positioning the company for massive growth in South-Saharan Africa. With our established position in four onshore petroleum basins and one offshore basin in Namibia’s Namibi basin and our recent focus in the West Cape Three Point area in the deep waters of Ghana, we are poised for major discoveries in both locations.

At Stalwart Oil, we have established our first operating presence in Ghana and Namibia with a focus to expand our securing of valuable assets across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our vision as a company is to secure great assets in oil and gas across the many reserve rich countries that we have identified.

Our team of executives in Namibia is focused on orchestrating the survey on the concessions with our partner company who has been contracted to undertake this very exciting initiative. The conclusion of this survey will position Stalwart Oil to initiate 2D and 3D seismic shooting over the four concessions and also initiate the development of our companies work program in the Owambo Basin.

We have also been in the process of securing a WCTP concession in Ghana’s rich oil and gas basin and we are confident that our closure of these concessions is eminent. We see that other prospective locations in Nigeria, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, and Cameroon that we are exploring have huge potential and will bring more value to our asset base and natural resources growth curve.

We are a new age oil and gas company with a determined path to great growth into the future. Our proven capabilities within the last two years have brought us four onshore concessions in the rich belt of the Owambo basin in Namibia, two offshore concessions in the rich Namibi basin and close to the massive Kudu gas discovery. We have also been in the process of securing an oil block in the West Cape Three Point belt in Ghana’s rich oil and gas Tano Basin.

We see that other prospective locations in Nigeria and Cameroon that we are exploring have huge potential and will bring more value to our asset base and natural resources growth curve. We are looking forward to a stellar development and growth cycle that will keep our partners, shareholders, and valuable country affiliates excited about our company.

We are the new Operations System of New Age Oil and Gas exploration and development.

Namibia Operations

We have secured four onshore concessions in the Owambo basin and across to the Okavanga basin that have potential premier hydrocarbon system.

Our vision and differentiated approach to exploration has led us to significant success and proven Upper Cretaceous stratigraphic play that is providing our company with the needed focus for future discoveries in this zone.

Stalwart Oil’s Namibia operations has been informed that our major application for offshore concessions 1809 has also been approved with our local partner company and we are now preparing our team of negotiators to conclude our Petroleum Services Agreement negotiations with the Namibian authorities which brings our operations concessions in Namibia to five which positions our company for greater discovery potential in the sub region.

Stalwart Oil’s operations in Namibia’s offshore waters are focused on two concessions in the Namibi and Orange basins. Our Namibi Basin concession is in the deep waters right below the walvis ridge in Namibia and holds petroleum system that has attracted major exploration and drilling companies to the zone. Stalwart Oil and its local Namibian partners successfully completed the negotiations of the PSA with Namcor and we are excited about being approved for block 1809 for exploration and drilling.

Our four onshore concessions in the Owambo basin has major indicators or rich potential premier hydrocarbon system and source rock that our geologist are confident contain massive deposits of commercial quantities of crude oil.

Our Use of Inovative Technologies

With our current strategies using the simple methods of effective partnership and technological identification, we are very well organized in the plans established to allow us to accomplish the execution of our work program in Namibia and in Ghana.

We are growing the confidence of our shareholders in our ability to deliver on our promised for the successful execution of our business plan. We are more poised with our core focus on environmentally secure execution of the work programs for Ghana and Namibia.

Our onshore operation in Namibia in the Owambo basin has focused on the sedimentary outlay of the land and the type of rock formations that cumulate the land mass that we have been awarded to explore. Our team of executives in Namibia is focused on orchestrating the survey on the concessions with our partner company using best practices in the oil and gas sector.

After the successful completion of our 2D and 3D seismic shooting over the four concessions, we will initiate the development of our concessions using the work program that has been approved by Namcor.

Drilling methodologies that affect the ocean floor have been identified by our exploration teams and engineers to help us avoid the use of such partnerships. We have strengthened our core tea with expertise from over 25 years of exploration and drilling operators to help us become a new standard for protective drilling.

Underwater initiatives can cause major marine and aquatic life distortions. We are working with partnerships that take major considerations in the types of technologies that they use in executing our exploration and well development work programs. We are very excited in the process methods that our teams are currently using to define the paths to achieving drilling successes within our secured concessions.

Reviewing technologies that can help improve our production activities both onshore and offshore before completing our well development strategies has led us to identifying the needs that may arise from our current work program development initiatives that we are undertaking as a company in both Ghana and Nigeria. Our engineers have determined that calculating the estimated production and injection rates of oil, gas and water at all key locations in oil and gas production facilities can make the difference between failure and success in complex oil and gas operations. That is where we have focused on attention on identifying the right technological solutions to help us be well structured for an effective exploration and drilling experience that will have all aspects mitigated to guarantee success for Stalwart Oil Industrials Limited.

Why Choose us

We pride ourselves on our historical growth as a company and our determination to build an Oil and Gas company within South Saharan Africa that has the desires of the indigenous people within the countries we operate within at heart. We are the company that focuses on the interest of the people within the countries whose natural resources we explore and develop. We build to serve the communities we benefit financially from during a successful development lifecycle.

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Environmental Impact

As a company, we are interested in the development of green energy as well as exploration and drilling of fossil energy.

We believe that both methodologies and the end products that are generated from activities in production helps service the growing needs of consumers worldwide. We are purely focused on advancing solutions in oil and gas that promote development of reserves using solution that reduces the impact of such activities on our global environment and climate.