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A land space provision adjacent to the Tank farm and the LPG plant has been made for the setting up of the modular refinery.

More land space is being acquired for expansion purposes. A wharf and jetty are to be built to enable the refinery receives its crude oil, operation materials, ships, equipment unloading and product loading capabilities.

Stalwart Oil crude oil (Feedstock) supply is expected from the Federal Government allocation and from GNPC. Federal Government assurances will be obtained with regards to these allocations once the milestone of the Erection Completion (EPC) Contract is achieved. However, future spot market purchases will also be made.

The refinery shall be designed to process any of the Ghana’s crude oils as well as other world’s heavy crude oils. The refinery will have a design capacity of 200,000BPD to process Escravos Light/ Bonny Light Crude Oil to produce LPG, premium grades of Gasoline (PMS), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and Fuel Oils.

The finished products will be primarily evacuated to meet the demands of the domestic markets, and make the Stalwart Oil storage depot, which is the largest privately owned in Africa self sufficient.

This would ensure constant supply and distribution of petroleum products in the domestic market. The remaining products will be exported to service the international markets. Based on the current market demands, it is anticipated that about 30% of the finished products will be consumed locally while arrangements are made through our technical partners to export the balance. All the refined products will be evacuated from the refinery and finally moved to the storage facility (supply chain), neighbouring countries, the west and Europe.

Lubricant Plant

The facility shall be sited on a seven acre site that has a bulk loading rack for fuels, a warehouse for lubricant and chemical package
products, office facilities and a card lock.

This facility sells to the commercial/agricultural base of customers and also to the offshore oil drilling segment.

Lubricant is essential to extending the life of machinery, and proper lubricant storage is critical to maintaining a clean and healthy fluid. Many things can happen to the lubricant between bulk delivery and dispensing to the machine application.

Stalwart intends to provide branded commercial lubricants and passenger car motor oils to retail outlets, car dealers, quick lubes, and maintenance garages.

Strategically, Stalwart shall become one of the largest lubricant providers in both the local market and the West African market. We are committed to providing premier lubricant products delivered in a manner that ensures product integrity and customer satisfaction.

The lube plant will provide a full line of lubricant products and services and has the equipment, storage, and support, to provide the best product at the best price.

The Lubricant plant shall be designed to offer and provide complete line of chemical service such as solvents and anti-freezes, as well as fuel additives such as cold weather pour point enhancers, diesel additives and a full line of soaps and cleansers.

It will also provide commercial fleet operators, manufacturing, construction, railroad, aviation, marine transportation, agricultural and fish processing companies with heavy duty motor oils and marine/ railroad engine oils; industrial lubricants such as hydraulic and machine oils, as well as refrigeration, turbine, white, food grade, heat transfer, and synthetic oils.

Stalwart Oil is an energy redefined company that shall provide you with all of the petroleum products you need to operate your equipment.

With lubricant market segments as a focus, Stalwart Oil has concluded plans to construct lubricant plant that can blend and store a set of specific oil and greases which deliver high levels of performance when compared to reputable suppliers’ products.

Each of our lube product line will be formulated to provide extended drain periods and reduce the amount of lubricant used in bearings, hydraulic systems and gear boxes when compared to common lubricant products. And all lubricants shall be eco-environmental friendly.

Our quality service delivery shall be extended to target customers which shall include: tug companies, fishing vessels, marine construction, stevedores and local industrial accounts.

Blended Lubricants will be either delivered by bulk truck or package truck (for totes, drums, pails and for case goods). In addition, the facility is a manufacturing plant responsible for the blending of components into finished products. Additives, base oils, and finished products are stored in the tank farm complex consisting of hundreds of gallons for storage. This facility shall handle commercial and some marine sales in the offshore areas of Gulf of Guinea waters.

Bitumen Plant


A land space provision adjacent the shoreline of about 75,210 sqm has been allocated for the construction and setting up of the Bitumen Plant. This space would greatly enhance loading and offloading of bitumen Tanker Vessel.

Stalwart Oil Industrials Limited intends to set-up a fully integrated Bitumen Plant in its Stalwart Oil logistic centre at Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana – West Africa.

The decision to build a bitumen plant is premised on the dearth supply of the product to the West African market and the need to reduce construction and production costs in economies of the Sub-Region.

The plant will be designed to accommodate 3,000 metric tons of bitumen per day. Bitumen is used for road construction, the production of fuel oil and petrochemicals.

The company has concluded bitumen market research and survey as well as prepared to take the market by storm. Stalwart Oil with the addition of its bitumen tank will offer a one-stop energy solution to Ghana and its neighbouring West African countries by providing all their energy needs. This plant will support the manufacture of value added polymer modified bitumen products that will improve safety on the roads and reduce the risk of skidding, rutting, road cracking and ageing.

Strategically, we shall aggressively develop the local market and explore the possibilities of West African partnerships. The bitumen plant would offer advantages which includes fast loading rate with good accessible road to the plant.

The plant will store cold bitumen and is connected to a hot oil unit that heats the bitumen before it is loaded onto trucks for transportation.The Plant will handle and receive bitumen at its own Jetty facility. The facility shall be available for through put and lease to third party.

Modern technology would be deployed in the construction and engineering design of the plant while conforming to the highest API and HSE standards. The Company hopes to make a significant contribution to the social development of its customers and communities.

LPG Plant

Stalwart Oil Industrials Limited, intends to set-up a fully integrated LPG Plant which handle and receive LPG at its own Jetty facility, right down to the supply of consumer retail packs of LPG, while conforming to the highest HSE standards.

The Company hopes to make a significant contribution to the social development of its customers and communities. It is intended that with the coming on stream of the LPG Plant, a focus on marketing LPG to rural communities and the building of new retail centres across the country shall be an excellent step forward in realizing company’s goal in the energy sector.

The Stalwart’s LPG plant is expected to capture all the value chain benefits from LPG storage facility right down to the final consumer dispenser business unit. This would enable the total business to conveniently edge against future negative effects of competition. In crude oil refining, the LP Gases are the first products produced in the distillation process of the heavier fuels such as diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil and gasoline.

Stalwart’s LPG business unit shall comprise of three different business units:

Stalwart Storage Terminal

Stalwart Gas Cylinder Plant

Stalwart Gas Distribution Unit


Stalwart Storage Terminal

This shall constitute the main business unit of the facility. It shall receive its feedstock from refineries (Foreign and Local) and oil and gas production platform via LPG tanker Vessels. Patronage by throughput from other customers shall be allowed. It could also supply other depot via coastal LPG Tanker Vessel.


Stalwart Gas Cylinder Plant

This unit is situated in the middle of the supply chain. The feedstock is received from the Stalwart storage terminal to be supplied to LPG cylinder filling plant. The company shall initially set up six of such plants in the six geographical zones in the country.


Stalwart Gas Distribution Unit

This business unit is aimed at meeting up with the logistic challenges of directly reaching out to the final consumers in the supply chain. Several LPG tanker trucks shall be purchased for this purpose.

Why Choose us

Stalwart LPG plants, products and accessories meets the strictest Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policies and customer service standards and guarantee premium safety, quality, quantity, reliability.

Our after sales services ensure that millions of our customers across the country and West African sub-region derive utmost benefits of our products. We have developed a customer feedback system that ensures that we get to know exactly how our customers feel about our service which helps us serve them better.

Stalwart Gas has also investing hugely in an effective distribution network via product pipelines and trucks for its products that will at its completion serve all the Ghana state capitals and cities.

Our strategic plan includes a natural gas distribution network and captive power solutions for distribution to industrial and commercial consumers and also harnessing the potential of a distribution that transverses the West African region especially in Nigeria, Cote D’ Ivoire, Benin Republic, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia. where we also operate and also contribute the gas supplies for Ghana’s and West Africa’s gas powered power generation plants.

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Environmental Impact

As a company, we are interested in the development of green energy as well as exploration and drilling of fossil energy.

We believe that both methodologies and the end products that are generated from activities in production helps service the growing needs of consumers worldwide. We are purely focused on advancing solutions in oil and gas that promote development of reserves using solution that reduces the impact of such activities on our global environment and climate.

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