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Our Retail Outlet

Our filling stations serve as our main retail outlets.

Over the years, there has been a quantum leap in the number of filling stations scattered all over the country. The retail outlets are very important to us as they enable us to bring petroleum products closer to the people at affordable prices.

They also help us build a strong corporate presence across the nation. We have a long-term strategic plan of having retail outlets in all state capitals and major towns in Ghana and Nigeria.


Logistics Center

Each person, in the home and with his or her motor vehicle (scooter, car), is a user of petroleum products. Between the refinery, where heating oil, diesel, petrol and gas are produced, and the end user, there is a distribution network that is responsible for getting these products to their final destination.

Making available to each person the right product, at the right time, at the right place and at the lowest cost and in optimum conditions of safety and security, is the objective of Stalwart Oil Logistics Centre.

Stalwart Oil integrated logistics centre stand out as a centre for the distribution of petroleum products to the eastern, south-south and northern part of the Country. It shall be a major center for fueling and refueling of Vessels for logistic operations.

It shall act as a major stop over point for Vessel moving deep offshore and the Gulf of Guinea. It will provide a transitory location for item transfer to deep offshore and vessel station keeping.

The centre is available for private and government agencies’ maritime businesses which include: dry docking of vessels, bunkering and lightering of daughter and mother vessels.

The supply, storage, transport and delivery of products must also take place under the best possible conditions of safety, security and respect for the environment. This section of our Stalwart Oil handles all other companies products need, vessel leasing, acquisition, bunkering, Coastal Marine services and supplies to offshore oil servicing companies, dredging companies, fishing trawlers and others.

The centre shall among other service offerings provide haulage services to our teaming customers who may require our services to transport products from Stalwart Oil to different locations of the nation while assisting the nation in bridging distribution and supply gaps especially to the Eastern and the Northern parts of the country.

In the future this section would be a fully developed subsidiary and expand into importation, sales and services of trucks, with a fully equipped workshop to handle repairs of own and other companies’ trucks thereby providing supply chain management services to all its teaming customers.

The Centre shall in the future provide integrated chain solutions to offshore drilling as well as offering production support services, offshore logistic support including onshore supply base, container hire, and project management for offshore work, charter of marine vessels, supply of equipment for various offshore works and procurement management.


This storage facility is strategically located in Takoradi with business initiatives to capture the Southern and South–Western markets of the Ghana downstream sector and to equalize the associated pressures often experienced by marketers in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products especially from Tema to other parts of the country.

The depot is therefore strategically located outside the existing pipeline network of WAPC to ensure uninterrupted product supply to these regions of the country and to provide world-class storage and off-loading services to both government and the general public.

The construction and building plans of the facility are of API 650 Standards and have received State- of- the Art commendation from the Department of Petroleum Resources.

Below are among other features of the facilities:


STORAGE CAPACITY (MT)60,00030,00020,00010,00010,00028,000
  1. 16 inches discharge line with pumps of 1500 cubes/Hr capacity
  2. Private and dedicated jetty with a draft of 10.5m at low water, which allows 30,000 tonnage tankers to discharge at the jetty conveniently
  3. Eighteen loading gantries with a demonstrated road loading capacity of 5million liters/hr
  4. Automated Central Security System
  5. Automated Tank Gauging System
  6. Automated Dispensing System
  7. Automated Maintenance System
  8. Backloading capacity of 500 cubes/hr indicating little limit on our backloading capacity onto designated shuttle vessels
  9. The facility can simultaneously handle road loading and backloading
  10. Fully computerized and State – of –the –Art metering/ monitoring systems with virtually zero tolerance losses on stored product
  11. Site fire and safety systems built to comply with API 650 Standards
  12. Site fire and safety systems built to comply with API 650 Standards.

Distribution of products has become a major problem to GNPC and by establishment of this depot; the Stalwart Oil is instrumental to energy supply chain of the economy.

The facility will essentially help in the distribution of petroleum product within the South West, South- South and Eastern region, and also to the Northern part of the country.

Since products are in high demand locally and internationally, non-availability could create crisis within the nation as we have seen in the time past. Stalwart Oil will no doubt alleviate the pressures associated with product movement especially from Takoradi to other locations of the country thereby saving cost of doing business specifically savings from demurrage, STS charges and other ancillary costs.

  1. Why Choose us

    We pride ourselves with our historical growth as a company and our determination to build an Oil and Gas company within South Saharan Africa that has the desires of the indigenous people within the countries we operate within at heart. We are the company that focuses on the interest of the people within the countries whose natural resources we explore and develop. We build to serve the communities we benefit financially from during a successful development lifecycle.

Innovative Industrial Technology

As a company, we are interested in the development of green energy as well as exploration and drilling of fossil energy.

Oil Field Support Services

At Stalwart Oil, we provide Lifting & Inspection, Lda, provide Inspection, Maintenance & Integrity Engineering Services to the Oil & Gas Industry in South Saharan Africa with our partners and business affiliates. We are committed to providing a quality service demonstrated through our partners and their association and accreditation with ISO, LEEA, ASNT, DROPS & IRATA. We maintain a strong client focus on all of our operations, and we continuously seek to improve and maximize project performance at a minimal cost.


We believe that both methodologies and the end products that are generated from activities in production helps service the growing needs of consumers worldwide. We are purely focused on advancing solutions in oil and gas that promote development of reserves using solution that reduces the impact of such activities on our global environment and climate.

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