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At Stalwart Oil Industrials Limited (SOIL), we know that every employee has something important to contribute, and that every employee is an integral part of our company and its success in the marketplace.

We provide our employees with individually-tailored compensation packages that fit their needs and expectations. We manage our employee portfolio with accountability, innovation, integrity, faith and love. We believe in offering competitive salary, bonus, and equity components, along with the opportunity to earn further financial rewards and benefits.


“Our vision as a company is to secure great asset in the oil and gas industry across the many reserve rich countries that we have identified.”

Even though we share the same attributes with the world’s most successful organizations – a focus on innovation and smart business practices comes to mind – but we still continue our growth with committed focus on our corporate ideals. We are committed to retaining the simple and vibrant small-company feel.

In every SOIL’s office, you will find challenging projects and intelligent people with potential to change the world of Oil And Gas Supply Chain. Our employees relish the freedom to create the next generation of Oil and Gas innovative solutions and partnerships in an environment designed to foster collaboration, creativity, health, and happiness



SOIL is an emerging markets innovative Oil and Gas supply chain company with a broad vision to secure concessions with rich oil reserves systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Let’s work together. At SOIL, we understand that our worldwide success results from our globally diverse workforce that brings innovation and talent to our organisation.

SOIL is currently opening offices around the globe, from Ghana to South Africa, but regardless of where we are, we nurture an invigorating, positive environment by hiring talented, local people who share our commitment to creating a successful mining and supply chain company.

corporate values

We believe in the values of the Global green energy drive and are fully supportive of major technologies and solutions geared towards delivering such solution in cost effective ways to consumers. We are confident in our contributed focus on providing valuable engineering expertise to the location we explore and operate in so that our activities will have acceptable impact on the environment that is bio degradable.
We are a company with a determination to help improve the present and future of the oil and gas sector with our contributions in innovations that will change the old methods used in extracting crude both onshore and offshore.

With this focus, we are able to transfer vital knowledge to indigenous residents of the various communities in Ghana and Namibia to empower them to become future leaders in the administration and growth of SOIL. We are focused on educating the people who work with us and for our company about the needed support for green initiatives that protect the environments we operate within. With this focus, we are able to create the needed partnership to focus capital and resources on land reclamation in exploration and drilling zones.

We are building the innovations with partner companies focused solely on the green revolution. We believe that combining resources with these entities provides SOIL the needed platform to bridge the gap between fossil fuel exploration and drilling companies and new energy providers. With such intent, we are confident to create the first diverse oil and gas company that allows for combined conservation of our environment.

Our focus on the African continent is to become a reputable company that helps bring massive value to the countries we operate within and its people but also introduce advanced technology in oil and gas to educate the masses interested in learning about the resource that we work daily to extract from their rich reserves in their countries.

SOIL’s values are focused on conducting explorations and drilling with an environmentally conscious approach to preserve the land and oceanic concessions that we operate on. We believe that energy conservation and land reclamation are generally earned rights of our human existence and as such deserves care when we explore and drill for natural resources like crude and gas. We are dedicated to employing the best modem methodologies to reduce the impact that our activities cause to our environment. Upon implementation of any project, we used qualified engineers and geologist to identify the least possible impact zone to eco-life before proceeding to undertake drilling and exploration. We are an environmentally conscious company and hence invested in developing new and improved methods of exploration that uses bio friendly solution to gain the same extraction results.

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